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SRE Productions is a full-service audio/video and media production company that writes, produces, directs and edits creative media content for both large and small advertising agencies and businesses across the country.


Businesses, Ad agencies, in-house advertising/marketing departments, PR firms and branding companies have enjoyed working with SRE because we take what can be typically a high-stress production environment, and turn it into one that's creative, fun and collaborative while still delivering a high-end product that gets your message across.



SRE Productions provides audio post-production and creative services for TV, radio, film, digital campaigns, video games, web productions, and other emerging media. We constantly strive to produce audio content that is both high end and high impact. 


At SRE Productions we specialize in high-impact radio spots, as well as audio casting, narrating, recording, mixing, and mastering, for all types of media and industry. All of our audio production is done in our state-of-the-art production studio, using industry-leading equipment and the most current sound mixing software, to ensure we produce a final product that is not only flawless, but creative and impactful.


We work with our clients to provide noticeable enhancements to their audio productions. Whether you need music tracks, sound effects, voice over, surround sound productions or any other audio needs SRE Production’s has you covered. Have your audio spot produced by our talented engineers and passionate audio-post-production team who guarantee to deliver industry-leading productions that will exceed your expectations, not your budget.


Use the SRE team of creative and passionate professionals for your next production and truly capture audiences with superior sound quality, mixing, and mastering. SRE Productions is trusted by professionals in the audio field for delivering unmatched audio production at a reasonable price. Whether you need an ear grabbing 30-second promo or a full surround sound audio mix, our audio productions will definitely inspire and captivate your target audience.



As a leader in the commercial production industry we are experienced in building projects of any size or scope to accommodate small businesses, large companies, and any other commercial enterprises.


If you are looking for help in constructing your idea, filming the shoot or handling the post-production, the skilled technicians at SRE Productions will deliver.


Whatever your needs may be, a 30-second commercial spot, a web video featuring your product or company, or an eye catching promo reel, we can handle any and all of your commercial production demands.


We aim to be innovative and fun, and pride ourselves on delivering truly high-end productions that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.


SRE Productions  provides a complete suite of video production services and solutions including scripting, producing, directing, editing and animation. Whether you need a corporate image or marketing video, internal training and safety pieces or customer/product testimonial videos we are ready to produce your next visual marketing tool.


Our successful track record of working with corporations and individuals -- and communicating their messages into powerful video and multimedia content -- makes SRE Productions the ideal partner to create high impact videos for you.




Are you in need of professional studio space for an audio or video production? Our studio is affordable and is available to accommodate renters of all experience levels.


Whether you are a highly skilled videographer or a first timer looking to make something more simple like a YouTube video series; you’ll feel right at home in our beautiful production facility. Our professional studios are conveniently located just off Interstate 91, less than a mile off exit 9 in North Haven, CT.  Our facility, offers a complete state of the art studio space, an isolated vocal booth, and isolated engineer control room for professional grade video and sound recording. 


SRE’s studio is a full service audio and video production space with extensive equipment used in producing high quality audio and video products. The studio space is equip with a full sliding black backdrop, full size white screen, and a full size green screen.  Our Studio is ready and equipped to accommodate any and all audio or video projects.


The studio is available for rent "Dry" (BYO assistants, lighting, and any other equipment needed for your project) or can be rented “Full Service” with our equipment and personnel (assistants, lighting, cameras, audio/video gear, engineers, etc.) included. 


With our studio space, you can transform your vision and produce the end product you’ve been dreaming of. Your creative ideas deserve a creative environment and SRE’s studio will provide that space for you.


 Our studio has everything you need to create an absolutely amazing audio or video productions at a reasonable price. Contact us today to set up a tour of our facility or for details on pricing, availability or to schedule a studio rental.

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